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About Us

Meet Your Host - Steve Moak

Let's Get To It!

The voice and visionary behind "The Unlicensed Counselor" podcast. With a weekly show that dives straight into the heart of mental and behavioral health topics, Steve brings a refreshingly direct approach to an industry he believes has strayed from its roots.

After dedicating four years to graduate studies in counseling, Steve chose a path less traveled. Instead of pursuing licensure, he decided to use his knowledge to challenge the status quo and return to what he sees as the core of counseling: genuine, unfiltered guidance.

Steve stands as a truth speaker in a counseling world he views as obscured by bureaucracy and detached theories. "The Unlicensed Counselor" is his platform to cut through the noise, offering straightforward, solution-focused advice that listeners can apply immediately. Each episode is crafted to not only enlighten but also empower individuals with actionable insights, reinstating the true essence of counseling—one honest conversation at a time.

Join Steve every week for a no-nonsense take on the issues that affect our mental health today. Because when counseling stops being about counseling, it's time to start talking the truth.

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Book a one-on-one session with Steve Moak!

In a 70-minute session, we'll dive into whatever issues, problems, or challenges you are currently facing and devise a plan of action items to help you move forward in life.  Every session is 60 minutes of intense counseling and then 10 additional minutes to prepare a plan for in between sessions.

The goal will be to address challenges head-on and provide tangible solutions that focus on rapid improvement.  Steve charges $250 for every 70-minute session and is limited to four clients per day.  These engagements are meant to be shorter in duration.  Our time together will be a matter of weeks and occasionally months, not years like many counselors.  The rate for these sessions is reflective of the shorter overall counseling needed to achieve lasting results.

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The Practice

Behavioral Health is a field filled with landmines, from treatment centers that make promises that they cannot deliver to counselors who take political bias into their counseling sessions. The field of behavioral health is not run with the client-first mindset.

I'm here as a clear voice that will tell the truth and start demanding accountability in all areas. Using my past experiences I will help identify, explore, and be strategic about how to solve, grow and maintain your newfound life.


Behavioral health has long been the laughingstock of healthcare. Which is why I'm here to better the world as "The Unlicensed Counselor".


Questions You May Have

How can I cope with feelings of depression and anxiety?
How can I handle stress and manage my time more effectively?
How can I improve my relationships with others?
How can I improve my self-esteem and confidence?
How can I overcome past traumas and move on?
​​How can I make important life decisions and set goals for myself?

Professional & Volunteer Experience

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Why Unlicensed?

After completing 3.5 years of a 4 year Masters in Counseling degree; he was unable to complete the practicum to acquire licensing. At the time he was as working full-time launching his first behavioral health company and could not make the time commitment with a newborn at home and 70-hour weeks in building a startup.

However, his experience working in a drug treatment center for years, his business background in the private sector, and his in-depth knowledge of counseling and behavioral health from a business perspective will bring a unique skill set into every session.

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